8 Skincare Resolutions To Stick By In 2020

As you leave 2019 in the past and enter into a new decade, you probably feel the need to spice things up in your life, set new year resolutions, and let go of some complexities that were weighing you down the previous year. Many of you might resolve to be more active, lose or gain some pounds, save more money, do that one thing that you’re afraid of, or just be more content with your life. Whatever it is, we know that you can do it. However, don’t forget to set some skincare goals for yourself in 2020- remember, you’re not getting any younger! 

Here are some achievable goals that you can set for yourself this year to help you take better care of yourself.


Ditch the wipes: Makeup wipes seem like a quick fix for when you simply can’t get to the sink to wash your face - but girl, don’t do it. Not only do most makeup wipes contain harsh cleansing agents, alcohol, and preservatives that can wreck your moisture barrier, they also require a lot of rubbing, which is doubly harsh on your skin. Even after all that, what they mostly do is transfer the makeup, SPF and grime all around your face rather than removing it completely. Ditch the wipes and go for micellar water or an oil cleanser as your first cleanse at night, and follow up with a gentle water-based cleanser. Trust us, if there’s one thing you do for your skin in 2020, let it be this. 

Wash your makeup brushes: While it is recommended to clean your makeup brushes and sponges every day, we all know that given our busy routines, that is a tad bit impossible. However, make sure to wash your makeup brushes at least once every week. Spraying your brushes with a makeup cleaner, or running them under the water with a bar of mild soap will help you get rid of all the accumulated makeup. Ever notice how much foundation runs down the sink as you clean your brushes? Isn’t that satisfying, yet scary? When makeup brushes aren’t clean, they run the risk of accumulating bacteria and contaminating your skin. You may have noticed that you break out after applying your makeup. This could be because your skin is sensitive to the products you are using, OR that your makeup brushes aren’t clean. Don’t forget to dry your brushes horizontally to avoid spoiling their shape!


Use a face mask at least once a week: In 2020, promise to give yourself one day in the week that is dedicated to self-care. This includes putting on a hydrating, brightening or an acne prevention mask. Your skin will feel supple and moisturized after an entire week of sun damage, and pollution. Along with your 20-minute face mask, you can get a massage, reply to emails, or light a candle and do some yoga to calm your nerves. These days, taking out time for ourselves has become a luxury but nevertheless, it is important! 


Take care of your lips: Since the skin on the lips is thin and they don’t have sweat glands, there is little protecting them from the sun, pollution, and winds. Most of us tend to use lip glosses, lipsticks, or lip tints on a daily basis. However, removing your lipstick is not enough. Your lips need some extra attention too which means that you should get a lip scrub to exfoliate the dead skin that has accumulated on your lips. Some lips tend to get drier than others so they need extra love. Putting on a lip mask once a week is a great way to prevent chapped lips. Don’t forget to find a lip balm with SPF that you can put on a couple of minutes before your lipstick application- not only will this leave your lips more moisturized, it will bring out the color of your lipstick even better!


Declutter: In former years, the 12-step skincare routine gained a lot of popularity. However, as people began to get overwhelmed, they moved on to new trends. This year, open up your skincare cabinet and start by taking out all the products you no longer need or use. Checking their expiration date is also a good idea. This will help you remember the products that you have, and may also help you declutter your cabinets to make space for more products. 


Don’t neglect your body: Your face isn’t the only thing that needs love. While you may believe that it will show the first signs of skin aging, the skin on your hands and neck often starts to age before. Hence, after applying a product on your face, take the residue and pat it on your hands and neck. Moreover, don’t forget to separately moisturize your body with a thicker lotion. The elbows, ankles, and knees tend to show dry, white patches so make sure you specifically target those areas!


SPF: Sunscreen is the holy grail of skincare. While we know exactly how important it is, it is a resolution that we need to remind ourselves of every year. Regardless of winters or summers, cloudy or sunny, whether you are wearing a hat or a hoodie, sunscreen is a must! Not only does it protect the skin from harmful UV rays, it also slows down the process of aging. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen does not usually make your skin oily and can be layered with your everyday makeup. If you use a heavier sunscreen, don’t fear! All you need is to powder it down so that your skin does not look oily. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours to protect your skin. 


Exfoliate Regularly: Winter is when your skin most needs to get rid of those dead skin cells but in a gentle manner. Walnut and apricot scrubs can be too harsh on your skin since these particles don’t break down with water and can cause micro-tears in your skin. If you have to use a physical exfoliant, use a rice scrub as these are gentle. Otherwise, invest in a gentle chemical exfoliant that is safe for daily use, like the Glow Toner


So ladies, are you ready to make this your year? Start by taking a picture of your face without any makeup before you add these suggestions to your daily skincare regimen. By the end of the year, take another picture to compare your skin’s complexion and texture. Thank us later and have a great year!

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