What Your Skin Needs In Humidity

Humidity poses a daily struggle for skin - it causes sweaty outbreaks that mess with your makeup and clog your pores, leading to acne and blackheads. Not to mention that unintentional, oily glow to your skin. Simply put, high humidity means high moisture content in the air around us. Since our skin likes balance, high humidity can throw our skin off and require extra care. Don’t sweat it, we have some tips to get you through these hard times: 
  1. Double cleanse: this K-beauty trick is a skin-savior for all those worried about sweaty, oily, or congested skin. It involves using an oil-based cleanser first to remove makeup and other oil based impurities, and following it up with a gentle foam-based cleanser to completely remove all impurities. I prefer to use an emulsifying oil cleanser which washes away with water and doesn’t need to be cleaned with a towel or wipe. 

  2. Exfoliate + Tone: Use a gentle exfoliator after cleansing to remove any dead skin cells and ensure the rest of your skincare products can penetrate the skin. Exfoliation is an important step to ensure removal of pore-clogging buildup that can accumulate over a sweaty day. Our Glow Toner contains 3% Glycolic acid to exfoliate and control sebum production, along with numerous skin-loving botanical's with antioxidant, soothing and anti-bacterial properties. 

  3. Hydrate: While humidity leads to clogged skin, excess exposure to air-conditioning along with pollution and other environmental stressors can dehydrate the skin. Symptoms of dehydrated skin include skin which feels tight and dry but still oily. Remember to pack extra hydration into your skincare routine to combat dull/dehydrated skin! Our Jasmine Dew is the ultimate saviour for dehydrated skin - it's packed with hyaluronic acid which draws and retains moisture into your skin, bringing intense hydration and plump skin which lasts all day.

  4. Extra treatment: if you’re anything like me, in humid weather your skin needs some extra lovin’ to combat oily skin and acne outbreaks. I like using clay masks to detox my oily skin and products with zinc+niacinamide to keep sebum at bay! A primer is also essential for me under makeup to ensure my makeup lasts. These products help keep my skin decongested and oil free all day, and keep my usually problematic skin acne-free. 
What are your go-to methods to deal with the havoc humidity wreaks on your skin?
Image by: Rijah Sohail

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