About Us

Skincare should be fun. Rather than a responsibility, it should feel like a luxurious experience, helping you unwind on days that you need an extra pick-me-up. Skincare should be energising and refreshing. It should never bore you.

However, that does not mean that good skincare should be expensive. We created Primary Skincare when we noticed a lack of affordable and effective skincare available locally. Whether you're looking to have a solo skincare moment or buy some Galentines presents for your girlfriends, we have you covered. 

What Makes Primary Skincare Different?

The Primary team is made up of skincare nerds bringing you formulas that are effective and safe. We think of skincare in scientific terms, and we only pick ingredients and formulas which are scientifically proven to work. We never make misleading marketing claims, since all of Primary Skincare's products are  ingredient-driven. Our aim is to introduce products which are unique to the local market, and which are all-in-one hybrids that target a range of skin concerns. 

What does Clean Beauty mean to us?

The term "clean beauty" has taken the internet by a storm. Here at Primary Skincare, we believe that clean beauty refers to a product that is mindfully created and formulated without any ingredients which have been proven to be harmful to skin or health.

Our ingredients are chosen after careful consideration of the human body and environmental health. We've constantly challenged ourselves to create clean, cruelty-free, effective formulations. Primary Skincare's products do not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Check out our ingredient dictionary here.

Since we believe in utter and absolute ingredient transparency, you'll always find our full ingredient list for every product on the packaging and on our website. 

Our line of products brings you a gentle blend of active and natural ingredients that will uplift your skin and provide that oh-so-coveted natural glow.